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Комплект Warm Hug 2020

SKU: 99-1000177826
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Побалуйте своих близких самыми лучшими, мягкими и теплыми объятиями из комплекта подушек и одеял Dormeo Warm Hug 2020! Изготовлен из очень мягких и теплых материалов, гигиеничен и пригоден для стирки при 30°C. Доступен в 2 размерах и 4 разных цветах с красивым двусторонним дизайном.

Комплект Warm Hug 2020
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Побалуйте своих близких самыми лучшими, мягкими и теплыми объятиями из комплекта подушек и одеял Dormeo Warm Hug 2020! Изготовлен из очень мягких и теплых материалов, гигиеничен и пригоден для стирки при 30°C. Доступен в 2 размерах и 4 разных цветах с красивым двусторонним дизайном.

Подробнее о товаре

The cosiest way to show you care

Hugs are as magic as Christmas, that is why we have given our blanket and cushion set the name Warm Hug.

The set was designed to have all the benefits of a good hug – to keep you warm and happy, to make you feel appreciation and joy and to make you help create the warmest, heartiest memories, spent with your loved ones.

Enjoy those feelings anytime, with this exclusive blanket and cushion set, this year with new designs and beautiful rich colours so you make your home a comfortable heaven.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

Ideal as a gift

The Warm Hug set has been embracing people’s hearts since the Christmas of 2013. In fact, millions of people have made true and loving memories either enjoying with the blanket and cushion themselves or by giving the set as gift to their loved ones.

A delight for everyone, this set makes a great gift for your loved ones at Christmas or during colder days. To top it all, it comes tied with a ribbon reading “Home is Where the Heart Is”.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020 Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020 Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020 Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

Designed for maximum indulgence

To make your home truly feel like home, you must feel comfortable and satisfied in it. What a better way to achieve that than to decorate it with not only trendy and beautiful blankets and pillows, but also comfortable and cosy?

The moment you will have touched the soft, warm blanket and squeezed the downy pillow in your arms, you’ll forget about all unpleasant moments in your day and completely relax. You will truly feel like you are home.

Dormeo Warm Hug set 2020 is made of extremely quality materials, which make it extra warm, soft and cozy. Choose the best for you and use it either for sleeping in your bed or decorate your living room as throw and decorative pillow.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

More than a blanket, a hug

The blanket is luxuriously soft, with faux fur on one side and a soft, plush fabric on the other.

Snuggle under it on the couch or in the garden. Keep one in the car for winter trips, or in the bedroom for extra warmth at night. The addition of two clips makes it easy to wear the blanket as you move around, or turn into a warm pocket for your feet.

Available in two sizes, 130x190 cm and 200x200 cm, big enough for everyone to enjoy. It is also fully machine washable at 30°C and quick-drying.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

The most huggable cushion ever

Everyone loves a cushion, and now you can enjoy the softest, cosiest there is, with all the benefits of Wellsleep® advanced microfibres.

This remarkable material is airy, light and warm. The unique structure creates pockets of air for added volume and a soft, downy touch. It is 40x40 cm big.

It’s also mould and stain resistant, to keep it fresher longer. You can also wash it.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

Reversible for 4 looks in one set

The Dormeo Warm Hug Kids Set comes in two magical designs. Pink, with unicorns and hearts, or blue with airplanes. Both the pillow and blanket are reversible, with the pattern on one side, a soft colour on the other, for four great looks in one.

A colour-texture-patterned design

One side has a gradient from light to dark, with a beautiful ombre effect, in canyon rose or grey. The other is plain white faux fur.

  • Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020
  • Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

A knitted faux fur design

One side is a solid colour, in purple or red, while the other is white faux fur with a knitted look and feel.

  • Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020
  • Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020

More variety for you

Might you be more fond of a gold or royal green colour? Their texture is a bit different, yet they are still as soft and cosy as they can get. Check them out here.

Collect them all and mix and match for more stylish looks.

Dormeo Warm Hug Set 2020
Технические характеристики
Дополнительные возможности Комплект одеяла и подушки
Покрытие 100% полиэстер (мягкий плюшевый флис), 100% полиэстер (искусственный мех)
Программа Dormeo гостиная
Размеры Комплект 130x190см, комплект 200x200см
стирающийся 30°C
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6 отзыв (ов)

6 отзыв (ов)

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Cozy pleds
Ļoti skaists raksts, mīksts un omulīgs. Izmazgāts joprojām mīksts.
Tas laikam ir tas īstais COZY :)



Viss kārtībā, pirms tam izmagāju
Kā parasti pirms lietošanas visus tekstila izstrādājumus izmazgāju ātrajā programmā veļas mašīnā. Nekāds pūkas tagad nav, varbūt ir pilna veļas mašīna :D, bet nu viss kārtībā. Var pirkt, tik es ieteiktu segu izmazgāt pirms tam, katram gadijumam, kaut vai no ražošanas smakas atbrīvoties ja tāda ir.



Sega ļoti pūkojas
Tā jau sega ļoti skaista un mīksta, biju ļoti priecīga to saņemt svētkos, tikai, kad sāku to lietot, visa istaba bija vienās pūkās! Sega ļoti pūkojās, viss dīvāns, drēbes vienās pūkās! Samaksāt tādu naudu, par 'labu' kvalitāti... Biju ļoti apbēdināta.



Viss jauki, ja nebūtu pūkas uz visām drēbēm un mēbelēm, traģiski!



Ìpaši sviedrèjošš materiàls!!!!Màkslìgâ vilna....izcila sintètika!!!!



Slikta kvalitāte
Kvalitāte briesmīga. Visa segas baltajai daļai spalvas nāk nost vienkārši nobraucot ar roku.